ICEMULE Coolers vs Yeti Coolers

ICEMULE Coolers were designed by adventurers, for adventurers. Whether you're packing up for a weekend camping trip, going out on the boat, spending a day on the beach, or exploring new hiking trails, ICEMULE Coolers are designed to be your go-to. Featuring a lightweight, easy-to-carry design, you can throw an ICEMULE over your shoulder or carry it like a backpack, without feeling weighed down.

Available in a variety of sizes in either a sling or backpack design, all ICEMULE coolers are portable and easy to carry. Water leaking is the last thing you should worry about, which is why each ICEMULE cooler is water-proof and sweat resistant, all while holding ice for over 24 hours! YETI makes some great coolers, but shop the ICEMULE Collection and see what sets us apart.

Lightweight and easy to store and carry, ICEMULE is to soft coolers what YETI is to hard coolers.

Group of friends using and enjoying ICEMULE Pro Large on the beach

ICEMULE Pro Large vs Yeti M20

ICEMULE Pro Large vs. Yeti M20
$134.95 Price $325.00
18 12 oz. Cans + Ice Capacity 18 12 oz. Cans + Ice
3.2 lbs. Weight 5.6 lbs
24+ Hours Ice Keeping Ability Unspecified

The ICEMULE Pro Large is a cooler designed with you in mind. From price to functionality, the ICEMULE Pro will easily be your top choice compared to the Yeti M20. At less than half of the price, the ICEMULE Pro Large will offer up the same capacity as the Yeti M20 and provides over 24 hours of ice retention, plenty for a full day of adventuring. The ICEMULE Pro Large is designed like a backpack with padded straps and a sternum strap to properly and ergonomically distribute weight, similar to the Yeti M20 but at a fraction of the weight. The ICEMULE Pro Large’s affordable, lightweight design will make it easier for you and your back to tackle your next adventure.

Young Adult wearing a grey ICEMULE Traveler

ICEMULE Traveler vs Yeti M30

ICEMULE Traveler vs. Yeti M30
$299.95 Price $350.00
36 12 oz. Cans + Ice Capacity 30 12 oz. Cans + Ice
5.1 lbs Weight 6.8 lbs
48+ Hours Ice Keeping Ability Unspecified

With a more rigid and versatile construction, the new ICEMULE Traveler will hold all of your drinks, and then some! Designed with a wide-opening BowheadTop™ and a Butterfly Double Shoulder Backpack Strap the Traveler is not only easy to pack but easy to carry! At a more affordable price of $299.95, the ICEMULE Traveler has a larger capacity, and lighter weight, than the Yeti M30!

Person opening a grey ICEMULE ProPack

ICEMULE ProPack vs Yeti Sidekick

ICEMULE ProPack vs.
Yeti Sidekick
$24.95 Price $50.00
Water-Resistant Zipper Closure HydroShield Magnet
0.8 lbs. Weight 0.8 lbs
Yes Cooler Attachment Available on Certain Coolers

When you're out on the trails, on a boat, or at the beach, it's important to keep your valuables protected and nearby. The ICEMULE ProPack was designed to do just that! The ICEMULE ProPack is a storage pouch that will easily attach or slip behind the bungie's ICEMULE Pro Series Coolers. At less than half of the cost of the YETI Sidekick, the ICEMULE Pro features a more reliable closure, and lightweight design, and attaches to the ICEMULE Pro Series Collection.

ICEMULE Features

Hands-Free & Wearable

Designed to be wearable, ICEMULE Coolers and gear are high-performance and easy to carry, with coolers in a backpack or sling design and accessories that easily attach.


Each ICEMULE Cooler features padded straps in either a messenger bag or backpack design.


ICEMULE coolers are made with a focus on quality, strength, and utility. The exterior is made of a durable MuleSkin exterior, making the ICEMULE the toughest soft cooler available.

24 - 72 Hours of Ice

Made with a POLARLAYER insulation, the ICEMULE Classic, Jaunt, and Pro Coolers will keep ice for over 24 hours. For additional ice retention, the ICEMULE Urbano and Traveler Coolers will hold ice for over 48 hours!


ICEMULE coolers are made with an inner shell that is 3X thicker than the average soft cooler and an outer shell made of heavy-duty and waterproof material, and radio-frequency welded seams.

ICEMULE Coolers are Perfect for:

  • Boating
  • Beach
  • Tailgating
  • Concerts
  • BBQs
  • Paddleboarding
  • Kayaking
  • Picnics
  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Rafting
  • Sports Games
  • Camping