the icemule

Heavy-duty MuleSkin™ fabric, padded straps and ventilated back pads ensure the ICEMULE Pro™ is stable, comfortable and durable. 

Pro™ Large 23L
23L: 18 cans or 5 750ml bottles + ice
Pro™ X-Large 33L
33L: 24 cans or 5 750ml bottles + ice
Pro™ XX-Large 40L
40L: 36 cans or 5 750ml bottles + ice

the pro in action

Tough, spacious and extremely portable the ICEMULE Pro™ is the world's coldest, hands-free cooler. Two padded straps with a weight-distributing sternum strap, along with ventilated back pads, provide both stability and complete comfort. These high-performance coolers are made to keep the party chilled, all while being unbelievably comfortable and easy to carry.


keep your hands handy

ICEMULE Coolers are ergonomically designed to be carried on your back like a premium backpack. From the single backpack sling strap on the Classics, to the double padded backpack straps with a dual zone suspension on the ICEMULE BOSS®, no cooler is easier to carry.