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With all the ICEMULEs to choose from, it can be hard to choose. Find the right cooler for your next adventure.


Versatility is King.

I use this cooler nearly everyday. I love its versatility and it's ability to keep things cold. It's the perfect which grab and go cooler for when you don't need a huge hard sided cooler.

Caleb T.

Best Travel Cooler

I bought my cooler to take to the Bahamas since it folds flat. It worked perfectly and we were very happy with how it kept the Ice cold.

Theresa S.

Keep Your Hands Free

"Thankful to have the ICEMULE! Great product that allows me to throw some cold beverages over my shoulder while heading to another campsite/music fest/cookout with some friends"

- Corey H.

Shop Classic Medium

Compact & Portable

"This thing is amazing! Holds a bunch and stores flat! Keeps stuff cold for a long time. Great for camping or the beach. I can carry this loaded down" -Sara Klein

Shop Pro Large

Made To Last

"When we loaded the pack with a 10-pound bag of ice for testing on a half-day hike in Colorado, it was easy to forget the pack was on at all. And this design offered a bit better airflow than others."

Gear Junkie - Best Overall Backpack Cooler 2022


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