items to take on a travel

15 Best Gifts for Travelers

Travelers often find solace in thoughtful gifts that are easy to bring along and also prove useful during their travels. The suggestions below incl...

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southern point of florida

10 Best Beaches in Key West, Florida

The remote stretch of the Sunshine State called Key West is known for its laid back lifestyle, hundreds of islands, maze of channels, and beautiful beaches to explore. These are our recommendations for the best beaches in Key West, Florida...

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people at a tailgate

20 Fun Tailgating Games For Everyone

There are a plethora of tailgating games out there. The most popular ones can entertain a whole group of people, while also requiring minimal set up time or equipment. We’re focusing on tailgating games that fit that description; simple supplies and set up time so you can focus on having fun ASAP...

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lake tahoe from above

10 Best Fishing Areas Around Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is one of the cleanest lakes in the country and a major recreation destination for people trying to escape the summer heat and enjoy some time on the water. The Tahoe area hosts dozens of easily accessible fishing holes and...

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