Reviews of ICEMULE Coolers

Lightweight portable coolers that allow you to carry more further.

Premium product with a unique identity

I’ve been looking for the perfect cooler that stores east when not in use, offering significant storage space, and is able to be carried hands free when biking/beaching/camping. The Icemule fits all 3 of the categories perfectly. I found the Pro XL to be surprisingly comfortable while loaded to the max. The weight distributes easily and the straps feel sturdy. On top of function, the Icemule looks like a premium product with its own identity. At the price point, I felt confident that I wasn’t cheaping out nor overpaying for a name. I recommend this to anyone who wants a rugged travel cooler with plenty of room.

William S.


The Ice Mule is AMAZING. I got the medium and it is perfect amount of storage for me. I have fit about 12 cans in there at a time WITH ICE. To put it into context, I play in a kickball league in the middle of summer in Mississippi. This thing not only kept my beer cold the whole time, but I even stuck it in my non air conditioned garage for just a little under two days and MY BEER WAS STILL COLD. I am not even kidding. I was absolutely shocked because I did not think it would still be cold. I am very impressed and now will look for excuses to use it. Great great quality for the price. I have yet to try it with food but I am sure I will at some point. If you are on the fence about it, dont be. Get the cooler!

Abbey W.

Ice Mule for construction work

This was a gift to someone in construction. As specialists in their trade he and a coworker travel to far cities to do installs in high rise buildings. One man can pack enough to water and feed two men generously for a full day, freeing a man up to pack tools into their work area. They can work all day without having to leave whatever floor they are working on to provision food or water, saving time and money, maintaining focus and efficiency for the job. The Ice Mule saves them time, money, hassle! He looks forward to fly fishing with it… Thumbs up!

Joe L.