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How To Host Your Own Beer Olympics

How To Host Your Own Beer Olympics


Hosting a Beer Olympics requires a lot of work, but once the games begin you can participate and enjoy the hard work you’ve put into planning. We recommend additional planners to pitch in, and agreeing on roles to carry out this ambitious festival.

How To Host Your Own Beer Olympics

You’ll need at least three helpers: an inspired and charismatic leader, an organized action hero who will do all the set up, and a supervisor to wrangle a clean-up crew. If you can get these three together, and herd/inspire them, you’ll have a successful event. 

Like all parties, beer olympics requires structure. You’ll have to make an event page online, and get commitments. Beer Olympics is as much about spectating as participating, so make sure guests know they can watch or compete. And, most importantly, you’ll need to decide on your events. Once you know how many are coming, begin gathering supplies and prizes.

We also highly recommend some kind of “opening ceremony” to kick off the event. During this, you can introduce teams or captains, or individual competitors, play some tunes and go over the rules.

If you want a truly grand Beer Olympics, ask participants for $10 or so—this will give you a chance to buy a grand prize and runner-up prizes and host a brief awards ceremony


  1. Flip Cup, obviously. This game already has tournament so do some research on youtube to see how this game can be set up with multiple participants.
  2. Beer pong is a perennial favorite and can last for hours. 
  3. Slap cup is a variation on flip cup and beer pong and is a blast. 
  4. Corn hole is a good idea because nearly everyone knows how to play and it gets players outside.
  5. Choose one team game, at least. We recommend Balloon Volleyball or Civil War but there are plenty of options that pair well with beer.

Other Important Planning Details

1. Make sure you have snacks on hand

2. Make sure you have plenty of tables and outdoor space to hold activities and

3. Use a large white board or wall to track player scores.

It’s also a great idea to have some “judges” or refs to settle disputes. You might encourage your volunteer judge to dress a referee. Having an authority figure during competition will help settle disputes.

Along with a planning committee, helpers, and funding, you need one more important element in your Beer Olympics: designated drivers. Don’t let competitors stumble out the door and drive home. In fact, a great runner-up prize would be free Uber or Lyft rides.