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ICEMULE has been reviewed and tested by hundreds of magazines, blogs, gear-heads and people like you. The feedback? They're all converts.

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Top Reviews

  • "That’s why I love the ICEMULE, a high-tech, high-performance cooler that is also flexible - literally. This softshell cooler combines the portability of a backpack with the drybag design of watersports luggage and performance of a hard-sided box cooler..."

    15 Best Father's Day Gifts of 2016

  • Some coolers are big. Some are portable. ICEMULE is both—massive and eminently easy to carry—and possesses an incredible insulating ability.

    What Are the 5 Best Portable Coolers?
    Outdoor Magazine

More press for ICEMULE® Coolers

Mens Journal
9 Best Cooler Bags “The most portable, high-capacity adventure cooler we've found, the roll-top Pro has a ventilated backpack harness system that can comfortably carry up to 65 pounds of ice cream — or 24 cans of your favorite beverage — into the backcountry.”
Thrillist Review of ICEMULE
“This heavy-duty cooler f*cking floats!”
Go Gumption
“An innovative dry bag design with welded seams and a roll-top closure keeps ice for up to 24 hours, while a cross-body strap or set of ventilated backpack straps makes carrying a breeze. Added bonus – it floats, even when full.”
Texan Outdoors
“The Pro Cooler line is designed with functionality in mind, no matter if you’re a hunter, angler, backpacker or just someone who wants to carry along your favorite ice-cold beverage near and far.”
5 Gifts for the Car Camper “With plenty of room for enough beer to quench your entire crew’s thirst on the next hike to that remote beach or overlook, and enough insulation to keep it cold for a couple of days at camp, this backpack might just be the most versatile cooler on the market.”
bon appétit logo
“A cooler changed my life last month...It's an improvement on basically every cooler I've ever used before, hard or soft.”
Bro Bible logo
“I’m not going to beat around the bush here, bros: if you don’t buy one of these ICEMULE® Coolers before you head out for Spring Break then you’re an absolute fool.”
The Manual logo
“Its appeal lies within its ultra-portable design–one that’s intended to be strapped to your back instead of trailing slowly behind you on a rugged set of wheels in the dirt.”
Outside logo
5 Best Portable Coolers: “Some coolers are big. Some are portable. ICEMULE is both—massive and eminently easy to carry—and possesses an incredible insulating ability.”
Forbes logo
15 Best Father's Day Gifts
“Every Dad needs a cooler, whether it’s for backyard barbecues, tailgates, camping or fishing expeditions. But not every Dad needs a big bulky box that’s hard to manage, hard to transport and hard to store when not in use. That’s why I love the ICEMULE, a high-tech, high-performance cooler that is also flexible - literally.”
Green Global Travel:
Men's Health logo
“This comfortable backpack will keep a couple of T-bones and six-packs cold for as long as 24 hours without leaking.”
Men's Health review
Men's Journal logo
“This sling-pack roll-top is as rugged as a soft cooler gets - and it kept a 12-pack chilled for more than 24 hours.”
“The rubbery 1,000 denier exterior tarpaulin (on the Pro) resists punctures and scrapes no matter how you treat it.”
Men's Journal - Chill Power
Blue Ridge Outdoors
Realtree and Cooler
“The beauty of the Cooler lies in its versatility and wide variety of uses. From the park, tailgate, campground to the wide range of water sports uses like fishing, boating, or canoeing.”
Gear Hungry logo
“High performance coolers aren’t really built for long carries what with their awkward, boxy designs and poor ergonomics. Contrarily, ICEMULE® Coolers are made for people who actually need a cooler that’s up for some trekking.”
RealSimple logo
“Perfect for hiking trips or tailgating, this soft, portable cooler doubles as a backpack for easy transport—and it keeps your drinks cold for up to 24 hours.”
“The Classic Cooler from ICEMULE® Coolers is just about the most convenient way that I know of to take some beers ah hem drinks with you to the boat, beach, camping or a day out at the park.”
“Every other soft cooler I’ve ever tried doesn’t even come close to those numbers. And when they say portable, they ain’t just whistling Dixie. It rolls up for storage in its own stuff sack sort-of like a very small sleeping bag. What makes it so awesome is that it isn’t sewn together and it has no zippers. That translates to durability and NO LEAKING.”
“One of the more ingenious ideas we’ve seen this year is the ICEMULE Cooler 30L Pro– a big ol’ backpack for your beer or sodas (or food, if you prefer).”
“ The Cooler is part backpack and can actually be packed into storage in your luggage. The ICEMULE Cooler can keep ice for an entire day, so whether you want to keep your canteen cool or your brews chilled you won’t have to look any further than this cooler.”
“The simplicity of the ICEMULE makes you wonder why no one went after the portable performance corner of the outdoor cooler market sooner.”
Best of Surf Expo