Get to know ICEMULE Coolers

24 hour ice cooler goes anywhere
hands free cooler
waterproof cooler cooler hauls anything tough cooler
Keeps Things Cold ICEMULE® Coolers retain solid ice for over 24 hours. That’s a full day, hiking up the steepest mountains or getting a golden tan at the beach, worth of cold.
Compact + Portable It’s hard to imagine not using your ICEMULE® Cooler, but in those cases, just roll it up and store it easily until the next adventure, or pack it up for traveling to your next basecamp.
Keeps Your Hands Handy Your ICEMULE® Cooler straps comfortably to your back, leaving both arms free to grab your surfboard, fishing pole or any other gear your adventure calls for.
100% Waterproof Keeps cold in, and water out. Our roll-top design not only eliminates cumbersome zippers, but allows your ICEMULE Cooler to float while staying completely waterproof.
Pack whatever. Go forever. ICEMULE Coolers give you both unmatched portability and supreme flexibilty—allowing you to carry everything you'll need and then some. Pack an afternoon picnic or a weekend's worth of fishing trophies. It'll haul it all.
Made To Last Our products are always made of the highest-quality materials and fasteners to guarantee your ICEMULE starts where other coolers quit. From our proprietary MuleSkin™ fabrics and the game-changing IM AirValve™, to the welded seams and double-padded straps—they're built to outlast.