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What Is Glamping?

What Is Glamping?

Glamping has caught on because it takes all the joy of camping and removes most of the discomfort, hassle and inconvenience. Not everyone likes camping, so glamping is a way to bring more family members and friends to the outdoors. For those who’ve never been far from the city lights, the difference between glamping and camping can be somewhat confusing, so here is the mini-definitive guide to answer the question: what is glamping?

The Guide to Understanding Glamping

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Glamping includes all of the basics of camping, without the inconveniences. Glamping usually means car camping with all of the amenities and luxuries available nearby.

What is glamping without the ability to rest often and avoid effort? The reason it’s called glamping is because it combines “glamour” with “camping”. Hiking may or may not be a part of glamping experience. There is room for interpretation, just like any outdoor lifestyle activity. 

Glamping is Comfy and Convenient 

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The second important feature of glamping is having many, if not all, the conveniences of home at your fingertips. Your bedding, kitchen, food and gadgets should be close at hand.

Sleeping can come in many forms while glamping. Your tent should be roomy, easy to set up, and a pop-up style tent is recommended. We recommend a tent that can easily fit two people. Inside, you’ll need the best possible mattress pad money can buy. 

The single most uncomfortable feature of camping is poor sleep, and it’s usually due to an inch-thick pad that is only one step above sleeping on pine needles.

Inflatable pads are highly recommended, and cheap air mattresses with battery-powered inflation are easy to find. Short of bringing your own bed, a large air mattress is the way to go. 

In terms of sleeping bags, glampers prefer roomy ones. Mummy bags may look cool but unless you are scaling a mountain, they should be avoided. If you really want to avoid discomfort, bring some bed sheets and a comforter, plus your usual pillows.

Glamping and Cooking

Outdoor kitchen with oven and french bread

While glamping, eating around the campfire is not going to cut it. Glampers love a full kitchen set up: prep, cook and dishwashing stations. There are several gadgets that make this doable, even if setting up an outdoor kitchen may take some time. Don’t cut corners and leave out the dishwashing and drying components. Above all, bring multiple, small folding tables so you’ll have plenty of level surfaces.

And what is glamping without a few luxuries? In the kitchen, this means portable wine glasses, ice cream balls and an espresso or coffee machine. Gadgets are glampers best friends. Outside the kitchen, a solar shower is highly recommended if you are in an area without a bathroom.

Bringing the Indoors, Outside

Glampers bring their home into the wilderness. This means having the comforts of the living room, whether it is your portable TV, board game collection, or favorite pillow. Every glamper is a little different, but since you are setting up camp next to your car, much of your lifestyle can accompany you.

Comfortable seating is integral to a good glamp. This can mean full-sized collapsible chairs with canopies, or specialized low-slung camping chairs to save space. The latter can be pricier, but get you can scooch closer to the campfire.

Treats are a must in any glamping expedition, but to retain the “camping” element go for s’mores and fancy hot dogs. 

Don’t forget the basics you’ll need to fend off the actual outdoors: hat, comfy slip-on camp shoes, bug spray, and warm clothing. We also recommend rain gear (including rain pants) and a small piece of carpet (a remnant works well) to create a portable non-dirty surface.