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IceMule Is Making It Easier To Find Campgrounds Online!

IceMule Is Making It Easier To Find Campgrounds Online!

Have you heard about our friends at The Dyrt? They have build the country’s largest source for campground reviews! With over 35,000 campgrounds listed, it’s a camper’s haven for real-life pictures, videos, and gear reviews.

Every summer, The Dyrt hosts 21 campground review contests throughout the United States, giving campers a chance to win gear from brands like IceMule in exchange for sharing reviews, pictures, and video of their favorite campgrounds!

Since 2018, IceMule has been teaming up with The Dyrt to sponsor a campground region in those monthly contests, offering $100 in IceMule dollars to the top reviewer in each of their sponsored regions. Last month, IceMule sponsored the Mississippi River West region, which saw record participation and 100s of reviews, photos, and videos uploaded to The Dyrt! 


WINNER: The Dyrt Camper Shana D.

Fun Fact: Shana has contributed 258 pictures and videos to The Dyrt's ever-growing database of authentic campground images, which can help you find the best sites in the best spots!

In exchange for being such a great camper, Shana received $100 gift card to IceMule so she can get a backpack cooler for summer adventures!

Close, but no cigar (how about an $50 Grub Stick gift card instead?):

  1. The Dyrt Camper Josh S.

  2. The Dyrt Camper Tiffany H.

  3. The Dyrt Camper Dave B.

  4. The Dyrt Camper Desiree R.

Miss this month’s contest? Stay cool! Next month’s contest region is the totally tubular California and Hawaii region. 

Been camping in the Golden State or the Aloha State lately (or ever)? Head to The Dyrt with your photos, videos, and feedback, and get reviewing! 

Happy reviewing!