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Explore the Canadian Alpine with Kokanee Beer In Tow

Explore the Canadian Alpine with Kokanee Beer In Tow

There is a reason why Kokanee is British Columbia’s (BC) best selling lager, and why it just so happens to be the perfect thing to pack in your IceMule cooler.

First and foremost, it’s the taste, although the Kokanee company’s sense of humor isn’t far behind. The brand is closely tied with the mountains, the fresh Canadian alpine breezes, and, of course, Sasquatch.

Canada is a popular destination for its cool summer air and mellow populace. In town or at the campground, when you are watching the setting sun and sipping a cold brew, Kokanee is a top choice—probably the classiest choice if you are in BC.

Emerald Lake, British Columbia

In the Canadian alpine, Kokanee beer has the reputation as the best beverage both for its flavor and as a defense against Sasquatch. If you haven’t heard of Kokanee, we’ll give you the basics on why it’s becoming the go-to for alpine lovers in the Canadian wilderness, and why it’s always had a place in hearts of BCers (and IceMule packers).

Kokanee beer has a reputation as a lighter option, although it’s recently brought a “gold” version to the market with a slightly higher alcohol content (5.3%). Well known in British Columbia and western Canada, Kokanee beer has steadily moved east. The popular Pilsner style beer has a reasonable amount of alcohol (5%) and is aged naturally for a mild flavor.

A sign posted in the forest warns against the presence of "Bigfoot" or "Sasquatch"

With its history of record-setting ads, most notable the “Sasquatch” series in the 1980s, Kokanee has only recently made it to the “far east” of Canada—in Newfoundland and the surrounding area.

Today, Kokanee beer is part of a crowded craft brewing landscape, but it’s still as delicious as it is uniquely Canadian, making it an ideal choice for explorers and alpine adventurers alike. In 1992, Kokanee had an amazing 17% of the market share. Owned by the larger Labatts Brewing at that time, Kokanee now has “Glacier” as part of its brand after a long run associated with Sasquatch and its Sasquatch hunter, The Ranger.

So, why Kokanee?

Kokanee is the best beer for the mountains because it comes from the mountains. IceMule’s line of backpack coolers was practically made to haul a sixer of Kokanee up that jagged mountain slope, or down the bank of a high alpine river in British Columbia. This tasty but not-too-filling brew is still the top choice for Sasquatch hunters and glacier lovers not only in western Canada, but in parts of the US (especially where Sasquatch roams, such as Idaho and much of the Pacific Northwest).

An IceMule owner loads his IceMule cooler with cans and ice.

It’s also popular with mountain bikers—did we mention that the IceMule Pro XX-L can hold up to 36 cans plus ice? Or, if you’re into packing small, the IceMule Classic Mini is the perfect way to keep a few cans of Kokanee cold along with your lunch for the day, or your rugged mountain biking snacks.

The Canadian Alpine wouldn’t be the same without Kokanee, and IceMule has made cold beer in the mountains more possible. Even in urban environments, Kokanee is a trusted and well-loved beer throughout the western provinces, some of eastern Canada, and in those US states lucky enough to know about it.

Next time you’re considering making that weekend mountain rally, consider bringing along a pack of Kokanee in your favorite IceMule cooler—we promise you won’t regret it.

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