For the past few years, ICEMULE has been honored to work with artist Claire DeVoe, whose work is featured on several of our products, including the Jaunt, a Tumbler and the new Impulse. 

A graduate of UNF with a degree in Fine Arts, Claire has been making art since way before her formal studies, as the hundreds of drawings from her childhood, lovingly collected and saved by her parents, will attest.

As a person, Claire embodies the free spirit and love of the outdoors, life and family that we at ICEMULE always seek to promote and celebrate.  Her father imparted a
love of surfing to her at an early age. Born and raised in Naples, and now a
resident of Jacksonville, Claire has never been far from the surf, and, like so many accomplished surfers, she has traveled the world looking for the next perfect set and absorbing the beauty of the world around her.

As she says, “Surfing has definitely influenced my artwork. I am inspired
by the gorgeous colors within the ocean and the four seasons and all of the color in nature… the ocean is full of energetic movements, hard to describe patterns and is constantly changing. These moments on the coast translate into the aesthetic of
my monoprints.

Which brings us to her work. Her unique prints come from the
process of monoprinting, which is a printmaking technique that allows her to
layer translucent colors to create unique, one-of-a-kind prints. She then takes
these large-scale monoprints and turns them into functional art for her own line
of unique handbags, pillows and other items.

For our collaboration with Claire, we would give her a vibe, some color ideas, and
then wait for her to create magic.


This is the DeVoe Designs print. It was our first project together.We asked Claire to create a work of art that would evoke the coast, all blues and greens and fluid movement.

What she gave us was much more - a design that at once felt like the ocean itself and one of the ocean’s most beautiful creatures: a Mahi-mahi, just breaking the surface of a swell.

Jaunt 15L Devoe 2.0 on top of a print of Claires artwork

DeVoe 2.0

This time, we wanted to work with Claire the find more of a desert vibe, warm, sunrise and sunset colors; something that would feel grounded in a beautiful landscape of earth tones. 

She created this design, which gave us all of that but also feels like a coral reef – desert and ocean in one package?  Who can you argue with that?

DeVoe 3.0

For our 3rd collaboration, we wanted to get a bit more experimental - something that leaned more toward an almost monochromatic color scheme, all dark blues and blacks. Kind of like an organic tactical camo.

Claire’s design blew us away - it was exactly what we asked for, but, again, more.  If you look closely, parts of the design look like snakeskin, if you step back, it can look like a canyon at night, or a map of the seabed. 

Whatever people see, they like it – this pattern has quickly joined the other DeVoe prints to create some of our most popular product offerings.

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ICEMULE Products in Devoe Patterns

As part of this collab a portion of all sales go towards supporting Claire and her art.