Bob Soven  icemule coolers

Bob Soven

Bob Soven



Home Base:

Orlando, Florida

Sport or Sports:

Wakeboarding (for work), Spearfishing, Sailing, Hockey, Surfing.


Wakeboarding since he was two, Bob plays hard and competes harder. When he’s not pushing the boundaries on his wakeboard, Bob’s busy free diving 100’ deep with a spear gun in his hand, stalking game in the swamp with his bow, or firing up a crowd with his explosive personality. Bob can hold his breath for three minutes, has never eaten at a Red Lobster, and is a bona fide lover of the junkiest of junk country. We should all have more Bob in our lives.


Most of Bob's time is spent on the road, so here are his travel essentials:

  • ICEMULE Pro™ Cooler
  • Wakeboard
  • Life jacket and Rope
  • Hockey Stick
  • Dive mask
  • Wetsuit
  • Bag of Oatmeal