Brett Barley icemule coolers

Brett Barley

Brett Barley



Home Base:

Buxton, NC


Surfing, Fishing

Brett is a professional surfer based in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. When he's not out surfing gnarly NE swells that smash the east coast, you can find him miles from shore on his jet ski reeling in Mahi and Drum, with his ICEMULE PRO CATCH™ by his side.



I use it for surfing, but when the waves are down it turns into a fishing machine with rod holders, fish finder, and Pro Catch Coolers ready to ice some fish down for dinner.

Pro Catch Cooler™ (42") Large

This product is perfect for my jet ski fishing adventures, and can handle fish of decent size, and a multitude of fish. From Gaffer Mahi to multiple Red Drum, it gets the job done.

Pro Cooler™ XL

This cooler is great for beach fishing or wade fishing for Red Drum, Trout, Flounder or whatever… it's big enough to fit any slot Puppy Drum (18"-27" in NC), which is necessary for me as that's one of our more dominant fish around here. Stuffing a bunch of Spanish Mackerel and Bluefish in it during the fall is always good fun. Plus, the backpack cooler design makes this soft cooler a breeze to carry.