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free standard shipping on all continental U.S. orders

RBar Energy - Matcha-O Almond Protein Bar - 8 Pack

RBar Energy

Fulfilled by our friends at RBar Energy

New packaging and soft recipe! Shipping Now!

7 INGREDIENTS: Almond Protein, Honey, Almond Butter, Palm Butter, Dates, Organic Matcha Powder, Natural Flavors.

Slow-burning fuel that's easy to digest

Get your 10g of plant-based protein from easy-to-digest Almond Protein Powder plus all the superpowers of matcha tea paired with the natural zest of orange. Matcha may help promote heart health, benefit your liver, and give a boost to your weight loss efforts. This bar is an excellent addition to your plant-based high protein and high fiber diet. It’s a perfect pre or post-workout fuel, a quick breakfast, or just a needed snack to help you feed your pursuit.  Almond Protein Powder has the ideal BCAA ratio of 2:1:1 for creating lean muscle mass.



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