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RBar Energy - Acai Berry Almond Protein Bar - 8 Pack

RBar Energy

Fulfilled by our friends at RBar Energy

New packaging and soft recipe! Shipping Now!


7 INGREDIENTS: Almond Protein, Honey, Almond Butter, Palm Butter, Dates, Acai Berry Powder, Natural Flavors. 

Post-workout Nutrition & Recovery 

Slow-burning fuel that's easy to digest

You know this super berry of the superfoods from your smoothies and breakfast bowls. Now it's time to switch it up and make this your official source of acai berry goodness!  This bar does a lot with just 7 ingredients, all-natural acai, and 10g of easy-to-digest protein from Almond Protein Powder. The acai berry is power-packed with plant compounds full of antioxidants and can benefit your brain, heart, and overall health. It's excellent for your particular diet, pre or post-workout recovery, or as a snack on-the-go. Almond Protein Powder has the ideal BCAA ratio of 2:1:1 for creating lean muscle mass.


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