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Go places other coolers only dream of.

The ICEMULE Classic™
Meet the cooler that started it all and gave us the freedom to go further with drinks in tow.
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High-performance coolers that are made to keep drinks cold, all while being unbelievably easy to carry.
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Acts like a tote, but built like a tank. The ICEMULE Tote keeps the beach cool, and your stuff dry.
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From the beach, to the trails, your IceMule is there. It's a cooler like no otherand designed for anything life throws at you. There's an IceMule for any occasion, from tailgateing to camping trips, to floating down the river or sitting on the beach.

  • Supreme Toughness | An IceMule doesn't have a zipper. The roll top ensures you have easy access to what's in your cooler.
  • Keeps things cold | An IceMule retains solid ice up to 24 hours. Perfect for a full-day hike or a day at the beach.
  • Keeps your hands handy | An Icemule straps to your back, freeing up your arms to carry other things. Like your surfboard, beach bag or fishing pole.
  • Storage is easy | An IceMule rolls up when it's not in use, giving you room for more important things. Like another kayak.


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What’s better than 4x4?
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From the Pros:
“Icemule is the real deal. Try Fly fishing while lugging 50 pounds of ice and food down stream without one – then ask where you can buy one.”
— Katie Cahn, Professional Flyfisher
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Men's Journal:

9 Best Cooler Bags “The most portable, high-capacity adventure cooler we've found, the roll-top Pro has a ventilated backpack harness system that can comfortably carry up to 65 pounds of ice cream — or 24 cans of your favorite beverage — into the backcountry.”



“This heavy-duty cooler f*cking floats!”


Bon Appetit:

“A cooler changed my life last month...It's an improvement on basically every cooler I've ever used before, hard or soft.”



“I’m not going to beat around the bush here, bros: if you don’t buy one of these IceMule Coolers before you head out for Spring Break then you’re an absolute fool.”


The Manual:

“Its appeal lies within its ultra-portable design–one that’s intended to be strapped to your back instead of trailing slowly behind you on a rugged set of wheels in the dirt.”


Outside Magazine:

5 Best Portable Coolers: “Some coolers are big. Some are portable. IceMule is both—massive and eminently easy to carry—and possesses an incredible insulating ability.”



15 Best Father's Day Gifts - “Every Dad needs a cooler, whether it’s for backyard barbecues, tailgates, camping or fishing expeditions. But not every Dad needs a big bulky box that’s hard to manage, hard to transport and hard to store when not in use. That’s why I love the IceMule, a high-tech, high-performance cooler that is also flexible - literally.”